Graphic Design for Digital Advertising

If you believe Social Media and Email Advertising are important to the success of your business then finding the right people to manage your Social Media and Email Advertising should be equally as important to you.

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The primary objectives of all of our Social Media/Email Advertising strategies include:

  • Showcasing what your brand values most
  • Enhancing overall User Experience (UX)
  • Building brand awareness, loyalty and trust
  • Gaining new, relevant followers
  • Establishing brand ambassadors and influencers
  • Keeping followers up to date about your business
  • Improving search engine optimization
  • Saving internal employee costs

Here we will take a closer look at:

  1. The importance of marketing your outdoor store/ gun store online
  2. Digital marketing strategies for increased sales
  3. Why Outdoor Sports Marketing is the only agency to trust with your outdoor store/gun store digital marketing campaign

Your customers are shopping online. Your competition is online. If you’re not using a digital marketing strategy to reach your customers and attract new ones, then you are undoubtedly losing a significant volume of customers. Digital marketing increases foot traffic to your store. With over 70% of people researching a store online first, it’s critical to have a strong digital presence and a firm digital strategy to market your outdoor/gun store. Having a commanding online presence is especially important in the firearms industry, since we have restrictions placed upon what we can sell online. Your store relies heavily on foot traffic, which is precisely what digital marketing helps you achieve.

The OSM focus will be on telling your digital story. Curating relationships with your customers by serving up relevant and timely content across the digital spectrum. Showcasing what your brand does best and what your brand values most, we will use digital storytelling as a consistently impactful way to reach your customers and drive sales. By driving social engagement and delivering positive experiences we will tap into your online audience and gain brand ambassadors and influencers. This idea of “outdoor/gun store” content marketing is to serve up content that benefits and informs readers encouraging shares and comments. This builds brand awareness and loyalty.

A great digital experience starts with a great digital playbook and we’ve been telling the stories of outdoor/gun stores since 1998 with gun store owner testimonials to prove it. Each of our Social Media/Email Advertising Strategies is aimed at the outdoor /gun store looking to outsource most or all of its email and social media advertising. If you’ve decided you’re just too busy or you’re tired of wasting employee costs managing your digital advertising then Outdoor Sports Marketing is right for you.

Our Social Media/Email Advertising Strategies include:

  • Quarterly Social Media Calendar & Email Advertising Schedule
  • Creative and graphic design
  • Email campaign development and execution
  • Social Media Platform Management (FaceBook)
  • Content creation and development
  • Monthly analysis of digital metrics and campaign performance