Do you own or operate a gun store or range? Are you getting everything you need from your advertising? Our team has over 75 years of experience in gun store advertising and Outdoor Sports Marketing has a campaign for every budget. Read our testimonials to see what our customers say about us.

Direct Mail

We are a full-service Direct Mail company with complete design, printing, mailing and fulfillment capabilities. We offer all-inclusive direct mail services. ZERO hidden fees. Click here to view our Direct Mail Rate Card


Digital Direct

Deploy your promotional message quickly, easily and affordably with a digital direct campaign targeted to your customers with Email marketing. It’s just like a direct mailer but served up to your customers digitally.

We offer these Digital Direct Advertising campaigns starting at $304.

Extreme Digital Marketing

A strategy of integrated campaigns including Direct Mail Retargeting, Digital Retargeting, and various Location-Based Marketing campaigns. Strategically deployed to serve your ads to the exact audience you want to reach at the right time to the right device.

Branded Identity Marketing

Promote your brand or event with tee shirt marketing. When done right, your branded tee shirts can become the gateway to meeting new people and sharing your business story. Branded tee shirts have a magic in creating natural conversation which can lead to a marketing and branding opportunity without having to force a sales pitch.

Co-op Advertising

What is Co-op advertising and how does it work? The amount of co-op advertising funds that go unused each year is substantial – $14 billion according to a recent Borrell Associates study. In addition, most co-op funds are being spent on traditional media despite a growing number of digital programs (search, email, display, etc.). So why is there such a lack of co-op advertising participation, particularly with digital media? The problem is the confusion around the basics of co-op programs, pre-approvals and submission of co-op claims. The good news is our Co-Op Compliance Manager is there to handle every step to guarantee your claim is paid. Find out more about how Outdoor Sports Marketing can help you get more bang for your co-op dollars.

Advertising Design

Creative that SELLS! Good ads are relatable. Graphic designers want the brand’s intended audience to feel that the company or product is made for them. Great ads inspire the consumer with the feeling that they cannot live without it and that once they obtain it EVERYTHING will be alright.