Cheyenne Outfitters, Bordentown, NJ

“I have been working with Rob and Outdoor Sports Marketing for many years and his work is always top notch, on-time and something I’m always proud of… I cannot ever imagine working with anyone else.”

Dave Worth, Owner, Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters, Bordentown, NJ, Sports Inc. Member 915 Cheyenne Outfitters, Bordentown, NJ
The Sportsman's Shop logo

“We have been a client of Outdoor Sports Marketing since 2005. OSM has been a huge asset to our company. Their knowledge of the shooting sports  industry and the products we sell allows them to make any of our marketing challenges easy on us. They allow us to do what we do best  – and that is sell!”

Jessica Keffer, Marketing Manager, The Sportsman’s Shop, East Earl, PA, Sports Inc. Member 587 The Sportsman's Shop logo
Grady's Great Outdoors“We are very pleased with the direct mail campaigns Outdoor Sports Marketing has produced for Grady’s, and my only regret is not calling Rob sooner.”
John Phillips, President, Grady’s Great Outdoors, Anderson, SC, Sports Inc. Member 617 Grady's Great Outdoors
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 “We had the good fortune to meet Rob shortly after he started his company. He has done an outstanding job of successfully promoting our business while allowing us to run our business. Over the years he has become a great friend and partner. I don’t know what we would do without him. Let him work for you. I’m sure that you will agree!”

Joe Keffer, Owner/President, The Sportsman’s Shop, East Earl, PA, Sports Inc. Member 587 The Sportsman's Shop logo
Town Gun Shop logo

“What an outstanding industry partner to have… Rob and his team are top notch and provide a premium product. If you are looking to promote your business give OSM a look… highly recommended!”

Will Doss, Store Manager, Town Gun Shop, Richmond VA, Sports Inc. Member 952 Town Gun Shop logo

Denny Dennis Sporting Goods logo “Outdoor Sports Marketing has been producing our Direct Mail Advertising since 2010. We use them to send about 25,000 mailers to our house list 3 to 4 times a year.

We spend 70% of our advertising budget on Direct Mail, and our is just about 7%, higher than the average. I think it is the best way for our store to reach our customers.

Outdoor Sports Marketing’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the shooting sports industry is what makes the difference when it comes to producing our mailers.

Another very big part is the work they do on our Co-Op. No one ever thinks about how much time it takes to collect and send it in. Plus Outdoor Sports Marketing has done it enough times to know where to get Co-Op Advertising funds – some that I don’t know is out there!”

Tim Works, General Manager, Denny Dennis Sporting Goods, Fenton, MO, Sports Inc. Member 664 Denny Dennis Sporting Goods logo
Dance's Sporting Goods“Outdoor Sports Marketing has always been there when Dance’s Sporting Goods has needed any assistance. Be it logo design, website design, or building our annual flyers, OSM has provided great work for Dance’s – day in and day out. OSM is excellent at managing time frames and schedules making sure everything is done on time every time. Each time we put in a phone call or draft an email to the folks at OSM, we know value is going to be added to our project through branding or boosted sales!”
Marlon Dance, President, Dance’s Sporting Goods, Colonial Heights, VA, Sports Inc. Member 389 Dance's Sporting Goods