What is Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is the most highly targeted and easily measurable type of advertising, delivering your message directly to your customer’s mailbox.

  • printed marketing material like postcards, flyers, catalogs and brochures
  • designed to reach your target audience, your customers
  • delivered via the US Postal Service

Mailers can be tailored to connect in a personal way with your buyers. You can use it to inform your buyers about store events like a store opening, special annual sales, announcing a new shooting range or a special vendor event like RUGER Days.

How do my customers feel about direct mail?

Don’t people just consider it to be “junk” mail? No, on the contrary!

First of all, your existing customers are your best source for sales. Once a customer has established a preference for a business, they are 3 times as likely to return. So if you are regularly sending direct mail that informs your customers about something that you know they are interested in – they will be delighted to see your postcard, flyer or catalog in the mail. It is important, even with your existing customer mailing list, to target them with the right message based on their interests.