Get customers in the door by promoting vendor rebates

Get customers in the door by promoting vendor rebates

As overall demand for shooting sports merchandise declines, vendors are offering rebates and other incentives for their customers. Just this year, we’ve seen Smith & Wesson , Vista, and more RUGER Days on the calendar than ever before. That should be no surprise, as the beginning of 2017 has seen lower stock prices and layoffs across the industry.

Advertise customer rebates, with a Jumbo Postcard and get a jump on the competition!

Want to increase foot traffic and boost sales now? Direct mail advertising is the most highly targeted and easily measurable type of advertising and is a great way to get customer rebates and more in front of your customers.

Let the vendor pick up a portion of the cost with co-op advertising

Using vendor co-op advertising funds can significantly reduce your final out-of-pocket costs. If the products you are advertising fit within the vendor’s co-op advertising standards, our Co-Op Compliance Manager will work with you to ensure that your direct mail advertising is approved by the vendor in advance of publication.