Reach customers with email that matters

Reach customers with email that matters

By Lauren Alberque

In my last blog titled, Direct mail – reach your customers and get them to spend their hard earned dollars with you, I discussed the benefits and ROI of direct mail, and extending your reach with premium purchased lists.

Email open rate for B2C is 20-30%, but the click through rate is only 2%-5 3/4%. It becomes a numbers game, and as an independent gun store owner, you may not have enough emails in your database to see huge ROI.  Trust me, I’m not here to dissuade you from using all of your “ammunition” so to speak. An email blast may not be as effective as direct mail advertising, but it is a great tool to utilize along side of print.

OSM uses email campaigns to let customers and prospects know about upcoming events, special pricing, and campaign ideas for shooting sports retailers to use. Email is another “touch” we can use to move our customers closer to making a purchase.

Industry marketing best practices recommend 2-3 emails per month, so as not to annoy or overwhelm customers. Email should have a concise, direct message with a clear call to action. You should always include a link to your website and to a form to sign up for your mailers. And of course include your address, phone number and an “opt-out” option.

We can help you formulate some great e-mail blasts to get customers on your radar and more importantly to get you on theirs!

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