Technology comes to archery

Technology comes to archery

“According to Mark Olis, the editor of Predator Xtreme magazine, this technology essentially lets solo hunters implement the trusty two-man system where one guy shoots and his buddy tracks the downed game.”*

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Breadcrumb has introduced to the market the first of it’s kind; Bluetooth tracking nock and location marker to aid the hunting enthusiast!  The Bluetooth tracking nock is a great save for the archer hunter who might lose an arrow once in awhile or two!  This tool is a great save of money, as well an ingenious way to find your hunt out in the wilderness.

The nocks work by communicating with the hunters smart phone via an app.  The Bluetooth nock has a range of 150 yards and the tracking sets off light and sound.  It features a replaceable battery with more then 35 hours of tracking power.  The Process Control Block (PCB) controls the light, sound, and Bluetooth tracking capabilities.  Best of all the nocks are waterproof for any terrain or season.

The next introduction to the market from Breadcrumb is their location tracker which is also run on Bluetooth technology.  Never get lost in the woods again or even forget how to get back to the tree stand!  Similar to the Bluetooth trackable nock the location marker can also be controlled through an app on your smartphone.

The case is compact and durable making it great for any weather or terrain.  The user is able to track locations through the app on your smartphone.  The location tracker features light beacons you can easily activate with 5 ultra bright LED’s as well as a sound beacon with 150 yard range.  This is a great safeguard for the solo hunter!

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