Re-thinking used bows

“Bows from the 90s don’t compare to today’s bows, but I can offer them to beginners for as little as $75. They can try archery without spending hundreds.”*

Have you ever thought about re-selling used bows?  Outdoor Sports Marketing is always looking to bring you fresh ideas to help you boost your revenue.  Selling used bows is a great idea for the beginning archer and someone working with a low budget.  Store owners all agree its important to check the limb, strings, and cables making sure they are very good condition.

We all want the high ticket but sometimes starting someone with the lesser expensive option is better then losing the sale.  Its also a great way of catering to everyone’s needs and making someone with a few dollars in their pocket feels as important as someone with endless purchasing options.  Don’t forget your customer who bought the used bow might purchase brand new accessories on the spot or might come back into your store to stock up at a later time.

Outdoor Sports Marketing is always available to help you create a successful advertising campaign for your used and new archery supplies!  Give us a call so we can design something unique and profitable for your store!


Shotgun or Rifle

Are you taking a shotgun or a rifle approach to marketing?

Many advertising agencies can help you to “brand your business” and “create awareness” using paid social media campaigns, tv and radio. Awareness advertising allows you to reach a broad rage of people, but most of them are not your customers.

  • A “shotgun” approach is a scattered, “spray and pray approach” to marketing that broadcasts to a broad audience to find potential clients – awareness advertising.
  • A “rifle” approach is focused and targeted, it brings your message directly to precise, selected targets – direct response advertising.

Gene Kelly, President of the American Gunsmithing Institute, believes that shooting sports retailers should (sic) “…do and ONLY do is emotional direct response advertising.”  Awareness advertising has it’s place, but Mr. Kelly notes that most gun shop owners do not have the unlimited budget to do this kind of advertising.

On the other hand, the rifle approach, or direct response advertising refers to a number of tactics, including direct mail advertising and email.

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